Roof Types


Tongue and Groove sub-roofing
Wood roof deck of nominal 2×6 tongue and groove with v-joint bottom face lumber makes for a warm interior finish. The #1 grade Southern Yellow Pine T&G is field cut then screwed in place. Optional factory staining seals the T&G, or the planks can be sealed in the field with another weather resistant finish (supplied by others). Primary roof deck is always covered with a 30# felt supplied with a secondary roofing package. Click here to see our selection of stain colors available for T&G and/or the frame.

Asphalt Shingles
A wide range of asphalt shingles are available. Asphalt shingles must be used in combination with T&G primary roof and felt. For easiest availability we offer four colors of 25-year limited warranty shingles. Click here to see our selection of colors for asphalt shingles. Many other colors are available by contacting us directly at 616.399.1963.


Multi-rib Roof
24-gauge galvalume steel sheets come with a Kynar color paint finish. Multi-rib roofing must be used in combination with T&G primary roof and felt. The ribs are 1 3/16” high and 12” on center. Multi-Rib roofing is supplied pre-cut to length and field trimmed. Poligon supplies color matched 24-gauge trim for caps, ridges, eaves, fascia, and rake. The metal roof deck is attached with color matched exposed fasteners with gaskets. Colored pop rivets assist in attaching trim. Multi-rib comes in a selection of 30 colors, click here for details.