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Poligon of Holland, MI Earns First-Ever
PCI-4000 Powder Coating Certification

Porter Corp has earned the first-ever PCI-4000 Powder Coating Certification. PCI-4000 is a nationally recognized quality management standard and certification set by the Powder Coating Institute that is specific to organizations that provide powder coated products. The certification confirms that Porter Corp has the capabilities and competencies to provide a finish that helps them stand out as the leader in their industry, which is verified by a globally recognized powder coating association.

PCI-4000 Certification is the process by which the Powder Coating Institute (PCI) has created an audit program to evaluate the business practices, process elements, equipment capabilities, employee competencies, and quality control capabilities of coaters to produce a high quality powder coat product with a high degree of customer satisfaction. It is the first-ever outcome-based component in the planning elements for powder coating. This means that the intent of the PCI certification is to guarantee that a process can be done repeatedly and a good product is put out each and every time. As a certified coater, Porter Corp has created a methodology to continually improve and enhance their powder coating process. The certification program that was developed by PCI is very thorough and is a good tool to maintain and continually improve a process. It verifies both to our customers as well as us that we understand that powder coating needs to take into account all aspects of the finishing system and how they relate to each other in order to meet the short and long term needs of our customers. That is why all of our products use the most durable frame finish available… ‘Poli-5000’.

Poligon Park Architecture makes pre-engineered and manufactured steel frame shelters, pavilions and gazebos in addition to fabric-covered shade products. The company’s products are used in a range of industries, including parks and recreation, schools, and urban settings.