DSA advantage

PC Structures – Greater Flexibility

  • Select structure dimensions that work best for your project
  • Structures designed to support additional loads (fire suppression lines, lighting, etc.) depending on geographic location
  • Smaller foundations for low seismic regions

PC Structure – Options

  • Two roof types available
  • Integrated gutters available
  • Electrical access and cut-outs available
  • Spread pad and drilled pier foundation available with all shelters
  • DSA Color Sheet

PC Structures – Simplified Installation

  • Generous access to bolts for easy installation
  • Majority of connections do not require pre-tensioning
  • Tighten pre-tensioned connections by any of the three methods permitted on the drawings

All Structures – Poligon Advantages

  • Experienced and accountable
  • multiple options (roof decks, foundation types, capacity for fire sprinklers/lights, electrical access in columns, gutters/downspouts)
  • flexible dimensions
  • direct access to our licensed engineers
  • streamlined installation
  • superior aesthetics
  • industry leading powder coat finish